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We have many years of experience

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Furnaces by professionals to professionals

At Støtek, we are experts in developing energy-efficient furnaces for professional foundries. All our employees have a technical background and a profound understanding of our customers' needs.

We also recognize that our customers themselves are experts in what they do, and that they know their everyday challenges best. 

At STØTEK, we are constantly in a developing process, which is an important value in an unceasingly changing world We are an expanding, developing department.
We are known across the world for our accurate dosing system and most important of all our most energy-efficient furnaces in the industry. This is the result of our constantly striving to develop even more precise customized products. 

One of your priority tasks, is the development of tomorrow. We are unceasingly in a brain storm of improvement areas with our own innovation department. Their job is to focus on tomorrow limits and achieve them today. For this reason STØTEK leads the technology industry for aluminum furnaces, as our products are being improved and adjusted regularly. 


  • Save up to 80% CO2

  • Save between 40-80% on your energy consumption

  • Minimal metal loss, save up to 80%

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning, less down time

  • Less burn off - Less oxides