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Alumelter doso(1)


Støtek Alumelter-Doso is an all-in-one crucible furnace for holding, melting and dosing aluminum. The furnace is equipped with a Støtek dosing pump that is renowned for its exact dosing (+/- 1 %), and doses up to 65 kg/ 143 lb per shot.
The furnace ensures high metal quality, and is also perfect for special alloy containing sodium, strontium, or high quantities of magnesium.
A hydraulic hoist is included, so the pump can be lifted easily for cleaning.


Støtek Alumelter-Doso comes in four standard sizes, but other sizes can be designed on request:

                                                  Melting            Holding

  • Alumelter-Doso    900/115kW   230 kg/Al/h     900 kg/ 1,984 lb Al
  • Alumelter-Doso 1200/165kW    330 kg/Al/h   1,300 kg/ 2,866 lb Al
  • Alumelter-Doso 1800/165kW    350 kg/Al/h   1,800 kg/ 3,968 lb Al

Energy consumption:

Due to its layers of high efficiency thermal insulation, the furnace has a very low energy consumption.

Other features:

  • Dosing weight from 1-65 kg /1,5 - 143 lb
  • Digital PID controller to ensure metal temperature regulation
  • Separate analog controller to maintain element temperature
  • Metal leakage detector
  • Optional week watch timer allowing the furnace to hold lower temperature between shifts
  • Heating elements can be removed from the top without having to remove the crucible
  • Easily readable control board
  • PLC control allows up to 8 adjustments to the pouring speed
  • Metal filling from low height