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Alumelter-Doso Furnace

Støtek Alumelter-Doso(ADE&ADG) is a all-in-one crucible furnace for holding, melting and dosing aluminum.
A hydraulic hoist is included to allow easy lifting of the pump for easy cleaning.

ADE&ADG is a shortening of Alu, Dosing, Electric/gas.
The STØTEK crucible dosing furnace is an electric or gas heated crucible furnace with automatic dosing pump for dosing aluminum.
The crucible dosing furnaces is typical in use in die casting foundries, but can also with big advantage be used in sand and mold foundries.

The furnace body is made of a solid steel construction, and the furnace is built with the highest quality refractory material and lining.
The furnace is built with the highest standards of insulation and refractory materials that makes sure of an energy efficient melting and holding of the aluminum.
The heating consist of either STØTEK standard block elements or a gas-heated model mounted with Kromschröder burner equipment. The gas-heated model has a melting capacity of up to 500 kg aluminum an hour. 
The Kromschroder burner control unit regulates the flame from high to low as required and turns the burner off when the set point temperature is achieved. A purge cycle ensures that the furnace is safe to relight automatically.


The dosing is controlled by a ceramic pump with an accurate dosing of ±1% by weight . The metal in the pump is pushed into the transport launder by pressurized air or nitrogen and flows to the filling chamber - casting mould.
When the dosing is completed, an injector forms a vacuum in the pump, and thereby the pump is refilled with metal and prepared for the next dosing. The dosing cycle is controlled by a Siemens SPS control panel, which at the same time guarantees the communication with the die-casting machine.

When starting up a new tool at a die-casting machine, a different metal quantity is used in the beginning than during the actual process. The PLC-control can change the dosing quantity for this initial process itself, if the metal quantity is too high or too low and the machine requires this.


Støtek Alumelter-Doso comes in four standard sizes, but other sizes can be designed on request:


  • Alumelter-Doso    900/115kW   230 kg/Al/h   900 kg Al
  • Alumelter-Doso 1200/165kW    330 kg/Al/h 1300 kg Al
  • Alumelter-Doso 1800/165kW    350 kg/Al/h 1800 kg Al
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Energy consumption:

Due to the layers of high efficiency thermal insulation and the innovative robust design of the furnace, the Alumelter has a very low energy consumption.
Case studies shows that STØTEK furnaces have a remarkable 40-70 % reduction in CO2 emissions, when comparing STØTEK furnaces to competative products. In the long run, these data adds up to quite a lot of money, which could have been saved with an energy efficient product from STØTEK instead.

Other features:

• Accurate dosing of ±1 by weight
• Dosing range from 0.5kg- 90kg*
• Size range 650kg-2200kg of alumi-num
• Melting up to 450kg/hr
• 40% CO2 reduction compared to in-dustry average
• Minimal energy consumption
• Dosing under protective atmosphere**
• Optional filter under dosing pump
• Melting/holding while dosing
• Both electrical and gas fired models
• Standard crucible
• Baffle separates charging charging area from dosing pump
• STØTEK standard spare parts
• Optional Load cell frame
*Dosing range varies from model
**Nitrogen or argon supply

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