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Alumelter K

Støtek Alumelter K is a fully automatic crucible furnace for melting and holding aluminum. It is equipped with hydraulic tilting for easy and safe collection of the liquid metal.

The intelligent design makes it possible to replace the heating elements with a minimum of interruptions even when the crucible is hot and filled with metal. The separate control panel is designed with easily readable instruments.

Of course, the Alumelter K has the same high quality standard that characterizes all our products, ensuring our customers a reliable production for many years to come. The Støtek Alumelter K has a 5-6 years longer average lifetime than similar products.


Electric model:

Støtek Alumelter K is available in five standard sizes:

                                                     Melting                    Holding

  • Alumelter K 300/100 kW             200 kg/441 lb Al/h    300 kg/   661 lb Al
  • Alumelter K 600/115 kW             230 kg/507 lb Al/h    500 kg/1,102 lb Al
  • Alumelter K 800/115 kW             240 kg/529 lb Al/h    800 kg/1,764 lb Al
  • Alumelter K1100/150 kW            300 kg/661 lb Al/h 1,100 kg/2,425 lb Al.

Gas model:

It is also possible to get Støtek Alumelter K as a gas-heated model mounted with Kromschröder burner equipment. The gas-heated model has a melting capacity of up to 500 kg aluminum an hour.

Energy consumption:

Due to its layers of high efficiency thermal insulation, the furnace has a very low energy consumption.

Other features:

  • Long lifetime
  • Digital PID controller to ensure metal temperature regulation
  • Separate analog controller to maintain element temperature
  • Metal leakage detector
  • Optional week watch timer allowing the furnace to hold a lower temperature between shifts
  • Elements can be removed from the top without having to remove the crucible
  • Easily readable control board


Looking for a stationary model? See Alumelter. 

Alumelter K