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Alumelter Tilting Furnace

STØTEK Alumelter T(AMET) series is a fully automatic, highly effective melting– and holding furnace, hydraulic tiltable with a melting capacity up to approx. 350 kg Aluminum pr. hour.
The furnace body consists of a solid steel construction and the crucible has a holding range from 300kg to 1700kg of aluminum, depended on which furnace size needed for your foundry.

The furnace is super insulated and equipped with STØTEK block heating elements.
If necessary the elements can be replaced during production.

The separate control panel is equipped with easy readable instruments.

The STØTEK control is a relay control (star-delta) which keeps an exact temperature.
The metal temperature is measured by an angle bath-pyrometer with protection tube and controls the star-delta regulation. A chamber pyrometer switches off the regulator at exact temperature.

In all, the STØTEK Alumelter stands out from other crucible furnaces –
Our block heating elements are known for their robust construction which secures a long life/durability and the high quality insulation ensures that you will obtain considerably low energy consumption for both melting and holding the metal.
Quality and cost reduction – combined!

Of course, the Alumelter T has the same high quality standard that characterizes all our products, ensuring our customers a reliable production for many years to come. The Støtek Alumelter T has a 5-6 years longer average lifetime than competitive products.
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Electric Powered Furnace

Støtek Alumelter T is available in six standard sizes:

                                                      Melting         Holding

  • Alumelter T  300/100 kW           200 kg/Al/h    300 kg Al
  • Alumelter T  600/115 kW           230 kg/Al/h    500 kg Al
  • Alumelter T  800/115 kW           240 kg/Al/h    800 kg Al
  • Alumelter T1100/150 kW           300 kg/Al/h  1,100 kg Al
  • Alumelter T1700/150 kW           300 kg/Al/h  1,700 kg Al

Gas Powered Furnace

It is also possible to get Støtek Alumelter T as a gas-heated model mounted with Kromschröder burner equipment. The gas-heated model has a melting capacity of up to 500 kg aluminum an hour.
The Kromschroder burner control unit regulates the flame from high to low as required and turns the burner off when the set point temperature is achieved. A purge cycle ensures that the furnace is safe to relight automatically.

Energy consumption:

Due to the layers of high efficiency thermal insulation and the innovative robust design of the furnace, the Alumelter T has a very low energy consumption.
Case studies shows that STØTEK furnaces have a remarkable 40-70 % reduction in CO2 emissions, when comparing STØTEK furnaces to competative products. In the long run, these data adds up to quite a lot of money, which could have been saved with an energy efficient product from STØTEK instead.

Other features:

  • Long lifetime
  • Digital PID controller to ensure metal temperature regulation
  • Separate analog controller to maintain element temperature
  • Metal leakage detector
  • Optional week watch timer allowing the furnace to hold a lower temperature between shifts
  • Elements can be removed from the top without having to remove the crucible
  • Easily readable control board


Looking for a stationary model? See Alumelter. 

Alumelter K