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We do not Compromise on Quality

At Farsund Aluminium Casting, quality comes first. After having tried other furnaces, the Norwegian casting company is now only using STØTEK furnaces –with a total of 37 furnaces.

If you buy a BMW, a Porsche, a Ferrari, or another top-quality car, there is a good chance that some of the safety-critical chassis parts are manufactured at Farsund Aluminium Casting in the south of Norway.

Since Farsund Aluminium Casting was founded in 1996, the company has been producing more than 3 million car sets of steering knuckles and more than 20 million castings in total. All of these castings are produced with aluminum coming from a Støtek furnace. Regardless of type and function, Farsund Aluminium Casting only uses STØTEK furnaces which ensures them a smooth production with a total of 37 Støtek furnaces installed and running.

”At the beginning, we also tried furnaces from other companies, but we quickly decided to stick with furnaces from STØTEK. The other companies could only provide standard furnaces that simply did not fit to our needs. STØTEK on the contrary, was very creative, and came up with customized solutions that fitted perfectly into our business and buildings,”
Quote by Knut Pettersen,
Process Engineering Director at Farsund Aluminium Casting.

Casting of the Year

Suppliers to the car industry cannot afford to compromise on quality, and Farsund Aluminium Casting always ensures to make the perfect aluminum casting. In 2004, the company received the Casting of the Year Award in the USA, and in 2010, Farsund Aluminium Casting won the European Aluminum Award.
When Farsund Aluminium Casting was a part of the world’s biggest aluminum producer, Alcoa, its standards were used as the benchmark for aluminum quality tests.

Metal quality is therefore also top priority when Farsund Aluminium Casting is investing in new inventory like STØTEK furnaces.

”We are situated next to an aluminum plant, which makes it quick and easy for us to get primary liquid aluminum without any transport that can influence the quality. The aluminum quality, however, can only prevail in the finished product if the furnaces are top-quality too. There is no doubt that STØTEK's unique technology and dosing system helps us to keep the ultimate quality all way throughout production,”
Quote by Knut Pettersen.
Process Engineering Director at Farsund Aluminium Casting.


  • Farsund Aluminium Casting is supplying ordinary automotive customers around the globe. They export to China, South Africa, and the United States as well as to mainland Europe and Scandinavia.


  • Since their foundation in 1996, Farsund Aluminium Casting has been consuming around a quarter of a million tons of high quality aluminum. They have the capacity to produce around 3 million castings a year.


  • Each year, you will be able to find one of their parts in 20% of all car manufactured in Germany and in 40% in the UK.