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STØTEK reduced VW Energy Costs drastically

Since Volkswagen bought their first STØTEK furnace in 2009, their manufactory in Kassel has saved ten thousands of Euros in energy consumption.

10.000 Euros per furnace - this is the amount saved per year at the Volkswagen plant in Kassel after they have replaced 10 furnaces with new furnaces from STØTEK.

“The Støtek furnaces have a really good insulation, holding the aluminum at a constant temperature, which reduces our energy consumption. However, we have not only chosen STØTEK due to the savings on energy. We have also found out that the furnaces are performing well on a lot of other parameters that are of great importance to us,”
Quote by Dr. T. Kreuzinger from Volkswagen.

The Biggest in Europe

He points out Støtek’s unique dosing system, which operates through a vacuum to ensure that the starting level is constant all the time. This allows accurate dosing of the metal dispensed and a higher metal quality.

Another advantage is that the Støtek furnaces only require minimal cleaning, and that their design makes cleaning fast and easy.

Hosting Europe’s biggest die-casting foundry, and producing 5.96 million cast parts a year, the people at the VW plant in Kassel depend on production running as smoothly as possible. Therefore, superb quality and quick service are absolute musts when choosing furnaces and other inventory.

“Støtek furnaces are robust and of a very good quality, so we do not need service very often. When we do, we need service within 24 hours. Since 2010, Støtek has been providing service personnel located in Germany, and that means they can assist us with short notice. This is essential to us,” says Dr. T. Kreuzinger.

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  • The Volkswagen plant in Kassel covers an area of 3,040,532 m2, and employs more than 15,500 staff members.


  • As the main manufacturer of gearboxes, the Kassel plant is one of the key component suppliers for the vehicle assembly plants operated by the Volkswagen Group around the world. In addition to manufacturing gearboxes, the Kassel plant supplies a number of other important vehicle components, such as exhaust systems and body parts.


  • In 2011, the plant manufactured some 3.6 million gearboxes and around 4.2 million exhaust systems. The press shop and body manufacture plant produce some 1,300 metric tonnes of sheet steel every working day and make around 60,000 body parts each day - and hot form hardening 24,000 parts each day.