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Crucible Melting Furnaces

Our unik designed aluminum melting crucible furnaces are usable for aluminum as well as for magnesium and zinc.


The crucible melting furnaces are constructed of a rolled steel shell and layers of high efficiency thermal insulation. The STØTEK block heating elements are designed to be replaced from above without having to remove the crucible within production. The design and quality of the elements combined with a low running temperature ensures the customer an exceptionally long service duration.


A metal leakage detector is aviable and will shout an alarm if any metal pools in the bottom of the furnace are leaking.


STØTEK aluminum melters are available in different models: a static model (Alumelter), a tiltable model (Alumelter T), and the Alumelter-Doso, which is an aluminum melting crucible furnace with a STØTEK dosing pump installed. The alumelter-doso provides the customer with a melting, holding and dosing crucible in one furnace.

alumelter t furnace(3)

Specifications - Crucible Melting Furnaces:

  • Melting speed up to 450kg/hr of alumi-num
  • 40% CO2 reduction compared to industry average
  • Electric models with Solid State Relay control
  • STØTEK block elements
  • Gas models with Kromschroder burners
  • Brick lined with cast insulation
  • Very low shell temperature
  • Compact footprint
  • Rolled steel shell
  • Large emergency drain
  • Metal leakage detection
  • Optional pneumatic lid
  • STØTEK standard spare parts
Crucible Melting Furnaces