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Alumelter doso

Dosing furnaces

The Støtek dosing furnace is one of several products that differentiate us - making Støtek the preferred supplier to aluminum foundries worldwide.

Traditional dosing furnaces have been pressure pour furnaces, but in 1999, Støtek developed Dosotherm - a new generation of aluminum furnaces. The Dosotherm dosing pump is a much smaller pressure vessel. It is filled with a vacuum to ensure that the starting level is always constant - allowing an accurate dose of the metal dispensed.

Thanks to this unique technique, you also obtain remarkably low energy consumption, as well as high metal quality.

Dosotherm is often used for high-pressure die-casting, for gravity, sand, and mold casting. It allows you to change the dosing flow while the system is running.

The holding chamber of our dosing furnaces are fully enclosed with no gas exchange. Consequently, thermal efficiency is very high, which results in very low oxide formation.

Benefits of the Støtek dosing system:

  • Dosing accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Energy-efficient - ensuring a minimum of 40% lower energy consumptions than other furnaces
  • Typical temperature accuracy of +/-1 degree C
  • Greatly reduced oxidation giving higher metal quality
  • Faster dosing cycle times
  • Filling level at about the same level as the short sleeve
  • Filling level below the cleaning door