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STØTEK Dosotherm is a high efficiency dosing furnace featuring our unique, patented dosing system, where only the ceramic pump is pressurized for dosing metal. The system also ensures prompt and accurate dosing (+/-1 %).
Due to the low volume required, the use of nitrogen or argon as the pressure medium is practical resulting in extremely clean metal.

Models available:

Støtek Dosotherm comes in four standard sizes:


  • Dosotherm   650/15 kW        5kW/Al/h       650 kg/1,433 lb Al
  • Dosotherm 1210/19,5 kW     7kW/Al/h    1,200 kg/2,645 lb Al
  • Dosotherm 2010/39 kW      10kW/Al/h    2,000 kg/4,409 lb Al
  • Dosotherm 3010/50 kW      14 kW/Al/h   3,000 kg/6,614 lb Al

Energy consumption:

Due to the unique dosing system, you'll save approximately 40 % energy and CO2 when using Dosotherm instead of similar dosing furnaces which equals to savings on the energy consumptionfrom $ 4,000 – 20,000 per year depending on size.
In addition, you'll save $ 2,000 per year due to the low air consumption for dosing.

Other features and benefits:

  • Prompt dosing
  • Accurate doing +/- 1%
  • Dosing weight from 0,5 - 65 kg / 1,1 - 143 lb
  • Metal filling from low height during production
  • Low energy consumption ($ 4,000 – to $ 20,000 / year sawing)

    Less than 8 kW is required to hold 2,700 lb of aluminum at 1,330oF.

  • Low air consumption for dosing ( $ 2,000 / year sawing)
  • High quality of lining and insulation results in long lifetime
  • Replacement of spare parts possible during production
  • Load cell showing the amount of metal in the furnace
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Tilting for change of alloy
  • Optin of dosing with protective gas
Dosotherm 1200C frit