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We produce the world's most energy-efficient furnaces

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We strive to be experts in energy-efficiency.

Would you like to protect the environment by reducing your CO2 emission, and avoid unnecessary energy costs at the same time? Then we are on the same wavelength. At Støtek, we strongly believe that technical skills go hand in hand with eco-friendliness.


When we develop a product, we always make a great effort to ensure we find the most energy-efficient solution possible. That is why we can call us producers of the world’s most energy-efficient furnaces for melting, holding and dosing aluminum.


Case studies show 40-70% reduction in CO2 emissions, when comparing Støtek furnaces to competative products.  That adds up to quite a lot of money: you can save up to € 25,000 per year when you replace your existing 3,000 kg capacity holding furnace with a Støtek Dosotherm dosing furnace.


Another benefit of energy efficiency is greatly reduced oxidation of the aluminum, which leads to a better product and even greater savings.


That makes good sense – for the environment and for your bottom line. 

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In 2011 was Støtek A/S:

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