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Our furnaces come with many years of experience

When Ivan Byskov founded Støtek in 1987, he already had many years of experience in the foundry industry. Since 1974, he had been working as a director at Vemak, later named El Monta.

When El Monta ran into a crisis, Ivan Byskov bought the stock and founded Støtek. The company’s first domicile was in Næstved.


In 2004, Støtek expanded internationally by taking over Swedish Smältteknik and establishing Støtek, Inc. in the USA. Støtek moved into a new domicile in the industrial park in Vojens, allowing the company to increase its production.

In 2007, co-owner Hans Henrik Würtz bought the stock and took over the Støtek.

To further strengthen the strategic work, Støtek hired a professional board in 2011.

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