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Holding Furnace

STØTEK produces both electric and gas fired holding furnaces. The furnaces can be static with tap cones and/or dip wells, or with the tilting function.

Regardless of which type, all STØTEK holding furnaces are always built with a solid welded steel construction. The inside of the furnaces are made by layers of high efficiency thermal insulation, refractory brick and non wetting line to ensure very low energy consumption and a high resistance to avoid corundum.


•	Size range: 450kg – 20.000kg of aluminum
• Very low energy consumption
• Accurate temperature control
• Low energy consumption
• Multiple layers of insulation
• Excellent lining life
• Very low furnace shell temperature
• Electric models with Solid State Relay con-trol
• Controlled element temperature reducing ox-idation
• Optional immersion heating elements
• Gas models with kromschroder flat flame burners
• Static and tilting models
Teapot pouring spout, with lip axis pouring on
tilting models

• Straight wall lining with large cleaning doors
• Very low maintenance
• STØTEK standard spare parts
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