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Miniheat B 60

Due to its size, STØTEK Miniheat is a popular electrically heated melting furnace for laboratories and precious metal foundries as well as for schools whom need an experimental furnace.

The STØTEK Miniheat is equipped with wheels, a drive rod, and a control cabinet on the side, which makes it easy to move the furnace from place to place without damaging the furnace nor any surroundings. An isolator, control buttons, and an Omron digital temperature controller are mounted in the control cabinet, ensuring easy and accurate control of the furnace.

However small and flexible, the STØTEK Miniheat is robust and ensures the customers with a high quality standard which is the foundation of all of STØTEK products. The heat source in the STØTEK Miniheat is provided by STØTEK's own block elements, which are characterized by their top performance, durability and easy maintenance.


The STØTEK Miniheat is available in a 220/400/480 or 575 volt 3 phase supply.

Other features and benefits:


  • Electric model with Solid State Relay control
  • STØTEK block elements
  • Brick lined with cast insulation
  • Very low shell temperature
  • Compact footprint
  • Rolled steel shell
  • STØTEK standard spare parts
  • Movable size 


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