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Shaft furnace(1)

Shaft Furnace - Combi

This model is our traditional shaft furnace combined with our unique, patented dosing system. Here, only the pump is pressurized, which dramatically increases the furnace efficiency, and reduces oxidation, corundum buildup, and metal loss. The system also ensures prompt and accurate dosing (+/-1 %).


Støtek shaft furnace-combi comes in all sizes:


  • Holding capacity ranging from 1,500 kg to 20,000 kg/3,306 - 44,092 lb
  • Melting capacity ranging from 350 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h/772 - 6,614 lb/h
  • Dosing weight from 1 - 65 kg/1,5 - 143 lb aluminum

Other features and benefits

  • Minimal metal loss in the holding section, as there is no direct flame contact
  • Dosing weight from 1-65 kg/ 1,5-143 lb


The shaft furnace is also available without a dosing system, see shaft furnace.