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Shaft furnace
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Shaft Furnace

Our shaft furnaces are fully automatic melting- and holding furnaces with hydraulic tilts. The furnaces are divided into two chambers – a melting shaft and a holding part.

STØTEK shaft furnaces are fully automatic charged. This means that a signal from the shaft indicating that there is room for additional metal in the shaft, combined with the holding part not being completely full, activates an automatic charge from the elevator into the shaft.

To maintain an exact metal temperature in the holding part +/-3 C, STØTEK recommends that the holding part always be minimum two-three times larger than the melting capacity. This also provides a better and more homogeneous metal quality.

The holding part is equipped with flat burners which mean no direct flame contact with the metal surface. The result is less burn off and a calmer metal surface – also leading to less oxide.
The holding section can be constructed with degassing stone to degas the aluminium.

Models available:

STØTEK shaft furnaces come in all sizes:

•    Holding capacity ranging from 1.500 kg to 20.000 kg
•    Melting capacity ranging from 350 kg/h to 3.000 kg/h

Other features and benefits:

•    Minimum metal loss in the holding section because of no direct flame contact

The shaft furnace also comes with a dosing system, see shaft furnace combi