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Shaft furnace
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Shaft Furnaces

Støtek offers shaft furnaces that can meet almost any need. Our smallest shaft furnace melts 350 kg aluminum per hour and holds 1500 kg, whereas our biggest model can melt as much as 3000 kg aluminum per hour and holds up to 20,000 kg. The shaft furnaces can either be static or tiltable - or you can even get a tilting model, where the shaft is static.
Also, it is possible to get a shaft furnace including our unique dosing system.

The shaft furnaces have a funnel shaped stack, into which a cold charge is poured via an automatic elevator. Heat from the burners rises up through the charge imparting most of its energy. The charge melts down onto a hearth, and then flows into the holding chamber.

The metal level in the tower and the holding chamber is sensed automatically, and the charge elevator can be set to automatic or manual operation.

On the larger furnaces the tower and the holding chamber are built as separate units, giving great flexibility in the available sizing and combinations.


  • Automatic feeding with elevator
  • Energy-efficient - ensuring a minimum of 40% lower energy consumptions than other furnaces
  • Exact metal temperature
  • Minimum metal loss due to our unique melting and holding system
  • Simple cleaning
  • Robust construction
  • Reliable operation
  • Longer lifetime than corresponding furnaces
  • Can be delivered with dosing system and degassing stone