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STØTEK Støtherm is the great result of a close co-operation between foundry men, electronic experts, and the innovative developers from STØTEK.

A lot of consideration has been put into designing the two-chamber, crucible, free holding furnace as functional and energy-efficient as possible and ensuring the lowest possible oxidation of the aluminum.
Støtherm is normally a static furnace, but can also be made as a tilting furnace.


Støtherm comes in all sizes from a capacity of 800 to 20,000 kg/1,763 to 44,092 lb:


  • Støtherm     800 kg/1,763 lb       19,5 kW     800 kg/1,763 lb Al
  • Støtherm  1,200 kg/2,645 lb       19,5 kW  1,200 kg/2,645 lb Al
  • Støtherm  2,000 kg/4,409 lb       39 kW     2,000 kg/4,409 lb Al
  • Støtherm  3,000 kg/6,614 lb       52 kW     3,000 kg/6,614 lb Al
  • Støtherm 20.000 kg/44,092 lb   150 kW  20.000 kg/44,092 lb Al

Energy consumption:

Støtherm is extremely energy efficient. It only uses approximately 45 kW/h to hold 20,000 kg/44.092 lb of aluminum. This is possible due to the construction, the first-class insulation, and the wear lining inside the furnace.

Other features and benefits

  • The control cabinet with thyristor (SCR) and PID digital regulator ensures precise metal temperature. 
  • An alarm indicates an open circuit or incorrectly connected thermocouple.
  • High quality of lining and insulation will result in long lifetime.