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Støtherm- holding furnace

STØTEK Støtherm is the great result of a close co-operation between foundry men, electronic experts, and the innovation department at STØTEK.

A lot of consideration has been put into designing the two-chamber, crucible, free holding furnace as functional and energy-efficient as possible and ensuring the lowest possible oxidation of the aluminum.
Støtherm is normally a static furnace, but can also be made as a tilting furnace.

The furnace construction consists of a solid steel chassis mounted on an adjustable feed.
Cleaning of the holding furnace takes place through the large cleaning door. Access to the metal bath has been made as simple as possible, in order to make it easy for the operator to perform a thorough cleaning.

The holding furnace wall is insulated with a multi-layer high-quality lining minimizing energy loss. The wall consists of refractory concrete with a high content of Al2O3 with a high resistance against molten Aluminium.

The STØTEK Støtherm control is from thyristor with PID regulation which keeps an exact temperature.
The metal temperature is measured by an angle bath-pyrometer with protection tube and controls the power regulation. A roof pyrometer switches off the regulator at excess temperature.


The Støtherm holding furnace is aviable in all differend sizes, from a capacity of 800 to 20,000 kg, to match your business exact needs:


  • Støtherm  800 kg        19,5 kW  800 kg/Al
  • Støtherm 1200 kg       19,5 kW 1200 kg/Al
  • Støtherm 2000 kg       39 kW  2000 kg/Al
  • Støtherm 3000 kg       52 kW  3000 kg/Al
  • Støtherm 20.000 kg    150 kW 20.000 kg/Al
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Energy consumption:

The Støtherm holding furnace is excessive energy efficient-Top of its class. The furnace itself only uses approximately 45 kW/h to hold exact metal temperature of 20,000 kg of aluminum. This is possible due to the construction of the furnace, the first-class insulation, and the wear lining inside the furnace. In every aspect a holding furnace which saves your company a great amount of money without compromising on quality.

Other features and benefits

  • The control cabinet with thyristor (SCR) and PID digital regulator ensures precise metal temperature. 
  • An alarm indicates an open circuit or incorrectly connected thermocouple.
  • High quality of lining and insulation will result in long lifetime.