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STØTEK Transport Ladle & Ladle Heater

transport ladle
The STØTEK transport ladle is a clever, flexible, and energy-efficient choice when transporting liquid aluminum either by truck or crane and the ladle has a capacity up to 1,000 kg of aluminum.

The STØTEK TL transport ladles consist of a robust steel construction. They are developed to achieve the highest metal quality. The design gives minimum of turbulence and a stream in to the ladle that keep the low gas index from the shaft furnace. The ladles are insulated with high quality refractory material for optimal energy efficiency.
The ladle is placed on a frame. The lid of the ladle and the ladle itself can be tilted with hydraulics.
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The ladle heater is made of a robust steel construction, with a pneumatic lift that lower and raises the lid for heating the ladle.
Fully operational with temperature control.

The two hydraulic cylinders mounted on the site provides the ladle with an easy tillable function and can be operated from the truck.
When moved by crane, the ladle is designed with a hand gear box for tilting.

The transport ladle can be produced as a crucible furnace with heating elements mounted around the crucible. Then, the ladle can also be used as a melting and holding furnace with a melting capacity up to 450 kg and a holding capacity up to 1,800 kg.

Furthermore, the ladle can be fitted with an electric heating element in a lid system with separate temperature control to keep the ladle hot when not in use.

Ladle heater:

The ladle heater is made out of a robust steel construction, and has to be mounted into the floor with expander bolts.

Around the heater lid, there is a safety fence.

The heater lid is equipped with high efficient refractory material, and high quality cords seals to keep the heat inside the ladle.

The lid can be lowered and raised.
Also it can be swiveled around the center. Thereby the positioning of the ladle under the heating lid does not have to be that accurate. The heating is provided by STØTEK heating elements.

The lowering and raising of the lid is activated by a pneumatic cylinder, over a wire.
Safety is a big factor, and therefore the lid is equipped with safety wires.




Transport Ladle
• Fully enclosed design
• Extremely high thermal efficiency
• Temperature loss as low as 4°F/minute
• Hydraulic tilt and lid operation *
• Lip axis pouring – bearings in line with spout
• Lined with standard crucible
• Quick disconnect hydraulic manifold
*Utilizes hydraulic system on the fork truck

The optional Ladle Heater ensures that the ladle

is at the correct temperature before receiving metal.

Ladle Heater
• Energy efficient
• Free standing
• Pneumatic positioning
• 8.6kW Heating Element
• Maintains precise temperature control
• Shuts off when “set point” is reached
• Enables central melt to run at significantly lower temperatures

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